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Fort Jefferson - Dry Tortugas

Thinking of staying awhile? Primitive camp sites are available at Fort Jefferson on a first-come, first served basis. Groups of 10 or more must obtain a special permit in advance. Camping is $3.00 per person per night. All supplies, including fresh water, must be brought in. 

Advance Reservations are required, if traveling by Ferry. There is one Ferry Boat that take Camping Passengers. The Seaplane Service does not take Camping Passengers. If traveling by private boat, a special permit must be obtained in advance from the Everglades National Park. For Reservations on the Ferry please call in advance! Hotline: (888) 382-7864

Campers must be self-sufficient. You must bring your own food, water and camping equipment. Restroom facilities are provided but there are no sinks or showers. Picnic tables and cooking grills are also provided by the National Park Service, but you must bring your own Match Light charcoal. Weight allowance for bags is restricted to 40 pounds per camper. All trash must be brought back to Key West. Please - no dive tanks, Coleman stoves or combustible items. (Other overnight accommodations are available in Key West, 70 miles (112.9km). Supplies are available in Key West.)

Please remember the island is small and you may wind up sharing an area with others. The 11 regular camp sites will accommodate parties up to 6 people and 3 tents. To avoid conflict and confusion during heavy use periods, a ranger may meet with the arriving campers and assign sites. If a ranger does not assign camp sites, please look for a table with a stenciled number. Any location without a numbered table is not a camp site. Should you find all 11 regular camp sites occupied, you must share the overflow area with others. The overflow camp site contains 6 tables an a gang BBQ. - only the first overflow groups will have their own table - all parties must share the BBQ.

Advanced Reservations Required! (888) 382-7864

Limited seating - Advance Reservations are Required..!
Please Call for Prices and Reservations.
Available 9am - 9pm EST: 1-888-382-7864

The National Park is now charging an entrance fee of $10 per person. The entrance fee is to be collected by the Ferry or Seaplanes. A $4.00 Fuel Charge is included in the Ferry Rates. Thank you.

On the day of arrival, campers must obtain an envelope at the self-service fee station, fill out all pertinent information, deposit the envelope with payment in the fee station collection post, and keep the stub at the camp site for ranger inspection. Remember... fee paid for commercial transportation (ferry, seaplane ,fishing) do not include camping fees.
Check-Out Time - 10 A.M.
Please be sure to have all your gear and courtesy carts returned to the dock by 10 a.m. Please stack your gear at the dock - please leave the campground clean for the new arrivals.
Cooking Fires
Propane containers (i.e. Coleman Propane) or any other form of liquid or gas fuels are not allowed. For safety reasons self starting charcoal is the only form of fuel allowed. Wood fires are not allowed. 
Quiet Hours
Please remember  that must people come to enjoy the peace the quiet of this secluded island. Please be considerate and observe quiet hours 10 P.M. to 6 A.M.
Access to Fort Jefferson
You may explore the interior of Fort Jefferson in the day time. Due to poor visibility that invites accidents the Fort is closed after sunset. 
Kayaks & Other Crafts
Campers who bring boats of ANY kind must keep them out of the buoyed swim area. Feel free to keep boats in you camp site, but please launch only at designated dinghy beach. It is possible to kayak to Loggerhead Key - The distance is almost 3 miles (one way) and there are frequently rough seas, significant currents and strong winds to deal with. Please notify someone on land of your plans, carry an anchor, a marine hand held radio and please always wear your life jackets.

Cooperation + Flexibility + Respect for others = A great Dry Tortugas Camping Experience for Everyone!

Fort Jefferson - Dry Tortugas
Fort Jefferson Ferry Camping Information
 Guidelines of which you need to be aware!
  Please be at the Fort Jefferson Ferry, on the day of your departure to Fort Jefferson, NO LATER THAN 6:30 AM! You must have all of your gear aboard the Fort Jefferson Ferry by 6:50 AM. Due to our fueling procedures, no guests of the Fort Jefferson Ferry are permitted on-board between 7:00 and 7:30. Due to large number of guests that we board in the short period of time and for safety reasons, we cannot accommodate late arrivals of campers and their gear.
  Due to space constraints, the Fort Jefferson Ferry will transport campers who wish to stay at Ft. Jefferson up to 4 days (3 nights).
  There is a Park Service charge of $3.00 per night, per person for camping. This fee is payable to the National Park Service once you are at Fort Jefferson. Correct change is appreciated.
  Upon loading your gear in the morning, please ask crew members about placement of gear. Gear must be packed into tote bags - Please do not have a lot of little, loose gear. Available Crew members may assist the loading of gear if they are finished with morning preparation duties of the Fort Jefferson Ferry Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate your needs with loading.
  Do not attach anything to a tree. Campground trees and shrubs are crucial for providing shade and windbreak. Help protect this valuable vegetation. Do not attach ropes, hammocks, tents, laundry lines, or any other materials to campground trees. All camping gear must be free standing*.
  The eleven campsites are available on a first come, first served basis. However, the Park Service reserves the right to designate camping sites to visitors of the park.
  Space is limited. Each of the regular campsites contains a table and grill. Three tents and six campers are the maximum allowed per campsite. All tents must remain within ten feet of your table. Be prepared to share the limited campground area with others, and remember that flexibility is the key to a successful experience*.
  If a ranger is unavailable to assign you a site, look for a table with a stenciled number. Only those tables with numbers are assigned to campsites. Should you find all regular sites occupied, you must share the overflow area with other campers*.
  The Overflow Area is a grassy area located near the regular campsites. Tables and grills are provided, but they must be shared with other overflow campers. Note: as campers leave, you may move to a regular site if one becomes available*.
  The Group Site is located between the regular sites and the Overflow Area. The Group Site is normally available only for groups of 10-40 campers, and must be reserved in advance. The site contains grills and two tables, and is large enough for 12-15 tents. Groups of 10 or more campers arriving without a reservation will not receive exclusive use of the Group Site*.
  During periods of heavy use, the Group Site may be used for an overflow area, but only on unreserved nights. Any unreserved group choosing to camp in the Group Site during overflow periods must relocate to the Overflow Site by 10:00 AM on the day the site is reserved*.
  Campers must take everything they are going to need with them! This includes fresh water for drinking and bathing. Minimum suggestion for water is one gallon per person per day. The Park Service and our boat cannot provide campers with supplies while you are at Fort Jefferson camping. There is no store or showers; however, restrooms are available at all times.
  Quiet Hours. Please be considerate of others. Radios and other loud noises are precisely what many visitors have come to the Dry Tortugas to escape. Please observe the quiet hours from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. The use of bright lanterns is also discouraged during these hours*.
  What ever you take to the fort you must bring back. This includes garbage. Please bring enough "heavy duty" garbage bags for your use during your time at the fort.
  Please Note: The Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson has a rat population that has been known to get into camper's food and other provisions. Please pack all food in airtight containers to discourage their access to your provisions.
  DUE TO OCCASIONAL INCLEMENT WEATHER OR RARE MECHANICAL SITUATIONS: We cannot guarantee the exact return date of campers and they should plan and provision accordingly.
  Reservations are required as we are limited to the number of campers we can transport.
  We must also reserve and log the return date on our manifest.
  Campers should confirm their return dates at the time of ticket purchase and with the captain on the outbound trip. Any request to change return dates while at the Park must be approved and logged by the Captain as spaces are sometimes subject to availability.
  Campers must have all gear on the dock (NOT left in camping area) by 10:30AM on the day of departure from Ft. Jefferson to load on the boat. Equipment must be packed and cleaned of sand before re-boarding. Please keep with you items you will need for the day.
  No more than three kayaks or small canoes (no greater than 15 ft. 6 in. in length) may be transported on any trip. The cost of transporting kayaks is $20.00 each, round trip.
  When in transit to and from the Dry Tortugas National Park, all coolers need to be kept outside of the main salon under the bench seats. Please ask any Crew member for instructions.
  Please limit your provisions and coolers to a minimum and do not exceed 60 pounds per person (not including water).
  Propane containers (i.e. Coleman Propane) or any other form of liquid or gas fuels are not allowed. For safety reasons self starting charcoal or sterno cans are the only form of fuel allowed.
  Non- residents and residents of Florida must have a salt water fishing license to fish from shore and/or boat. All licenses need to be purchased before departure to the Dry Tortugas.
  Snorkel gear can be provided to campers by from the Fort Jefferson Ferry before boarding or you may bring your own personal gear. Snorkel gear is not available from the National Park Service.

Fort Jefferson - Dry Tortugas
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